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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

I saw the sensei today!  And it was amazing!  And weird!  Amazingly weird!  I can’t sit still!

So it turns out I know several martial arts.  I know karate.  I know tae kwon do.  And I know judo.  But here’s the funny thing.  I don’t know anything about them consciously.  So I couldn’t tell you any moves, I couldn’t think about what moves to do, I would have to be taught all that again.

But if I’m attacked, I just know stuff.  Sensei came at me, and I flipped him!  Can you believe it?  He got me a couple of times too, but he told me I’m at a black belt level, at least in defending myself.  It must be muscle memory.  I told him about my unique situation, and he thinks maybe in a previous life I learned martial arts!  Before I lost my memory!  He thinks I could get it all back quickly if I wanted!  I have to think about it.  I’m already learning Japanese.  Dave and Sabby can’t pay for lots of different classes for me.  They’re nice but it’s too much.  And I.. oh!  Oh!  I have news!

The guy did something stupid!!!

So he went back to the store and tried to get his job back!

The owner immediately called the police, and they came and arrested him for violating the restraining order.  Even if the store owner didn’t have his own no trespass order, I’m still technically employed there – just staying away because of him.  So when he came back, he didn’t know I wasn’t working there, so that’s technically a violation!  They dragged his keister back to jail and he’s not coming out until trial!!!

YAY!!! I can work again!!!!  The owner called me and told me!  I’ll be back tomorrow!

Oh and he’s going to pay me for my missed time too!  I think he feels bad for hiring that guy.  I kinda feel bad too, but I need the money, so I’m not going to look that gift…  umm… horse?  Horse in the mouth.  I wonder what that means.  Sabby thinks maybe he thinks I could sue him.  I guess that’s possible, but right now, why would I?  He’s been as nice as I could expect, and he wasn’t the one who attacked me!

I need to sleep!  I have work tomorrow!!!  YAYAY!!!!!

Love you all!!! I’m sooo happy!!! ❤️

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