Hi! It’s me! Lily!

I’ve been posting for a year and there is a lot to post!!! So I thought I’d write a summary!!!  I’ll put it on the main page too!!!  So here goes.

I’m LIly.  I’m a sixteen year old girl.  My story so far is…  well, let me start from the beginning.  My birth mother is Emiko Nakamoto, she was born in Saitama, which is a Prefecture in Japan.  She came to the US for college, and was seduced by a man named Robert Landry.  She… well, found herself pregnant.  He left without ever knowing about me.  She tried to make it through college, but she was in New Orleans and hurricane Katrina came at around the same time I was born – September 3, 2005.  But I only found that out recently.

Anyway, she gave me up for adoption.

Sometime in early 2020, I was found on the side of a road in Texas.  I was disoriented and had nothing but the clothes on my back.  No one knew who I was or where I came from.  Police officers found me and took me to the hospital.  They examined me and found me in generally good health, but they still had absolutely no idea who I was – and neither did I.  They let me pick my name, and I chose Lily.  They determined that I had near complete, but selective, amnesia.  I could remember how to talk and do tasks and stuff, but anything relating to my identity was gone.

After I got a clean bill of health, they didn’t know where to put me, but one of the doctors goes to a church, and they put me in touch with a family who would foster me.  They were the Smiths – Dave, Sabby, Beth, and David.  They took me home.  Beth and David immediately hated me, but Dave and Sabby tried their best to make me feel at home, but I was so lost and confused that I just spent a week crying.  I had no home!!!  I mean, I had a place to stay, but no home!!!

After a week, Sabby took me shopping for clothes of my own, and I’ve never forgotten that.  I had cried so much I had no tears left, and I was just like a zombie.  But she took me, and bought me clothes and other things a girl needs!!!  I cried more, but I loved the things she bought me!!  She was so nice!!!

It took a year for me to start feeling even the littlest bit comfortable.  Beth and David didn’t really warm up to me much, in fact, Beth was mean!!!  I met my best friend Liz and we became best friends!!!  But I saw therapists and doctors and psychologists and caseworkers, and they suggested I create a diary, so I started writing here!!! A tech friend of mine (I think he had a crush on me, aww) set up this site for me.

After I started writing, a lot of things happened.  They didn’t know my birthday, so one day they gave me a Lily Day!  It was like my birthday, a day where I could do anything I wanted!  I had a breakfast with a lot of chocolate and we went to the waterpark!!! It was sooo much fun!!!  I love the waterpark!!  Soon after that, Sabby offered to adopt me for reals!!! I had a real family!!! I was sooo happy!!!  And Beth and I became sisters for reals too!!!  I love her now!!!  It turns out she always wanted a sister too.

So many things happened over the next few months!!!  Sabby took us out of school and started to homeschool us.  They even bought me a used car!!!  I got a job at a nearby convenience store.  After a little drama, I became closer with Liz’s family and they took me to Orlando with his family, and there I met Liz’s cousin Jack!!!  I didn’t really want a boyfriend but I wanted him so he became my boyfriend!! He gives me chocolate!!!  And also I found out who my birth mother was!!  And my birthday too, and my real name!!! (Yuriko).  I’m half Japanese!!!

Jack came over for Christmas and I had the bestest Christmas ever with him and his family!!!  After Christmas I took driver’s ed,  We also met Crystal because Beth was being a jerk, but now they’re best friends.  We met Diana after the tornado in Round Rock damaged her home, too.  We spend weekends playing games and watching movies and making girl-piles!!! Now I’m going to Japan soon with Emiko, and I’m looking forward to that!!!

I have so many family and friends now!  I’m a lucky girl!  I’m soo happy!!!  But I’ve been having dreams lately, about a man and a woman I don’t know, me as a little girl, and a dog named Marie.  What does it all mean?  Why did I lose my memory?  Who are they?  Who am I?

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