Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

At least I didn’t dream much last night.  But I’ve been sad.  And I’m not even sure why.

I should be happy, right?  School lets out in a couple of days!!!  I have a recital next week and I get to wear a pretty gown!!!  And I even get to go to the waterpark!!!  Why should I be sad?

But I’m sad.

And to make it worse, when I was walking Marie this morning, she brought me a flower.  It wasn’t a red spider lily like in my dream, but particularly because red spider lilies don’t really grow here, but she brought me a flower anyway.  Then she sat down and waited for me to pick it up.  I did, and she licked my hand.  Something about that…  something about that.

Why was I so sad in my dream?

Oh well.  Tomorrow is the last day of school for all three of us.

Love you all!!! ❤

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