HI! It’s me! Lily!

After this weekend, it’s a little boring now!  It’s hot!  It will stay hot for a long time!  It’s dry!  It’s…  annoying!!!  Summers in Texas are horrible!!!

Of course, tonight Liz came over and we practiced.  We’re almost ready!!!  We have a dress rehearsal on Friday!!!

I’m not sure what else to talk about.  I added a few more videos to my page!  Including the one where Claire Huxtable goes off! Sabby’s just like that!!!  I also added a funny video with Kaneda Tomoko! She’s hilarious!!!

I haven’t figured out what to do for my one year diary anniversary.  I have no ideas.  None.  I’m almost to the point where I’m going to poll the girls.  Allison had a fun idea, but I don’t know where I’ll get a unicorn costume…  Maybe Beth has an idea, I’ll ask her.  But, knowing her, it’ll involve books.  Sigh.

Jack wants to hear me play!  I’ll see if I can get a video of Liz’s recital.

Anyway, boringly boring day.  Hot, dry, awful.

Love you all!!! ❤

Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And I’m TIRED!!!

So many things to do over the weekend, and today I worked…  and practiced with Liz tonight.  She’s really looking forward to her recital!

I made a video page on this site.  Most of the videos are just random stuff I pulled off of YouTube and like a lot.  There’s some Babymetal, some other Japanese groups, other things.  It’s fun!  I just figured it was better to have them in one place, then you can see what I like!!!

I’ll put my videos there too, but when I get time.  I haven’t done videos in a while.  I should.

Oh I should put some videos about that guy doing the waterpark stuff too!!! It’s fun!!!  And interesting!!!

So after the last few very busy days, I’m not going to write too much.  I leave for Japan in about two weeks!  YAY!!!  Emiko is really looking forward to it too.  She hasn’t seen her parents in a while because of the virus.  I asked her what they’re like, and she told me the story of when she left for the US.  They…  weren’t too happy with her.  She didn’t come back for many years, and when she did, she dragged her new husband back with her.  It took her a long time to repair that relationship, she said.  Japanese people…  don’t forgive easily.  Her parents are kind of traditional.  And she broke all kinds of rules.

But they are happy to meet me.  They have one other grandchild, close to my age.  Turns out Emiko has a sister, but she never left Japan.  She wants to meet me.

I’d like to meet her too.  I didn’t know I had a cousin.

I asked her if she’s related to Suzuka and Himeka.  She said Nakamoto is a common name, and maybe distantly, but…  she doesn’t know.

Anyway, bedtime.

Love you all!!! ❤

Hi! it’s me! Lily!

Liz is 17 today!!!

And OMG what a party!!!

So remember what I said about the party being at Liz’s house?  I was wrong!  It was at the WATERPARK!!!  I know we went on Saturday, but we went again!!!  There were so many people there!!!  And we had soooo much fun!!!  That was nice of Liz!!!

Anyway, we gave her her presents there, and they even had people come around with a cake-ish kind of thing, with candles and everything!  She blew out the candles and we ate and drank and gave her presents!!!

I…  had not forgotten what she gave me last year, so…  I can’t tell you what I gave her, but she blushed so hard!!!  And threatened to get me back.  I just said “lurid purple thing”, and she sighed.  “Fair enough, you got me back,” she said.  But the look in her eyes was promising that this wasn’t over.

Uh-oh.  haha!!!

She refused to show anyone else what I gave her, and…  hahaha!!!!

But I gave her a “real” present too.  I got her a kimono!  A real kimono!  With an obi and everything!!!  It’s so pretty!  She loved it!!!  She’s going to take to Japan with her!  She was actually surprised – usually she’s the one giving me things about asian culture!!

Her parents gave her a car!!!  Maybe a little bit fancier than mine but of the same general type.  No parents seem to want to give their children brand new cars, and that’s completely understandable.  She’s taken some driving lessons but now she has a real reason to!  I’m not jealous though.  Mine is nice enough and works fine, so…

I won’t go into what everyone got her because there was so much, but she loved it all, and by the end she was almost crying, she was so happy!!!  Awww!!!  I gave her a big hug and told her we love her.  She said “I know.”  I laughed.  Girl does love her some Star Wars.

She’s a little nerdier than me, but not too much.

Anyway, It’s been a very long weekend and I’m tired.  David’s not quite as insufferable as I thought he would be, but he’s certainly more confident, and he seems to be a hit with the girls.  Sigh.  Except for Allison.  She’s well past done with him.  But Aika and Mika, well… they were certainly looking at him a bit differently!!!

Marie needs walked and there are lots of fireworks outside, so I hope she’s not too scared.

Love you all!!! ❤

Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

OMG I’m so tired!!!!

This morning Sabby and Beth went to church while I entertained the girls.  I made breakfast sandwiches for everyone!  I’m not the greatest cook but they’re easy, and with a bit of orange juice, they were a hit.  Emiko and her family came over in the morning, and a little later, Dave came back with David.

OMG David… I don’t know what to do with him!!!  He’s different!  I mean, he’s a little tanned because he’s been out in the sun, but he saw Aika and Mika and just started shamelessly flirting!  And this time it workedI! He had them blushing!  Thankfully, he didn’t try it with Allison. I asked him what about his girl friends?  He said they’ll be writing, but they’re just ten.

Couldn’t argue with that logic I guess.

So Sabby and Beth and a few others got back from church, and we all made our way to a park!!!  It was hot!!!  But we had a cooler and water and one of those canopies, and it wasn’t too bad outside of the sun!!!  Dave started grilling, and we all played frisbee!  Haha, Allison wiped the floor with David!  Guess he’s not as good as he thought.  But then we had hot dogs and hamburgers and cold drinks and played more games!!!  It was really hot though, so we didn’t run too hard.  But it was sooo much fun!!!  Around sunset people started popping fireworks and we watched a bit – at least until the fire marshal came around and shut that down.  Marie had such a great time, running around and catching things!  She likes playing frisbee too!!!

Emiko and family went back to Houston, but the rest of us are making a pile tonight!!!  Liz’s birthday tomorrow!!!  It’ll be huge!  Yuge!  Hahahaa!!!!

What a weekend!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

HI! It’s me! Lily!

And we went to the waterpark!!!  ALL us girls!!!  It was sooo much fun!!!  Plus it’s really hot outside, so that made it nice too!!!  We ahad races down the slides!!!  I kept my top!!!  But…  Diana lost hers.  Awww.  But I told her what happened with me, and that it’s just a body.  I swear they need to make better tops!!!

Crystal had the right idea.  You can’t lose the top of a one-piece!!

I think the problem is that we both used the tops with the strings on the back, and when we rub our backs on the slides going down it pulls the strings loose.  Maybe we should get the type with the elastic bands?  That should be a rule!

She wasn’t too embarrassed, though.  I think I was more embarrassed when it happened to me!  But then…  I have more to flop around, too, so…

But we had lunch at the waterpark too!  A sandwich and a cold milkshake!  I had strawberry!  Who needs chocolate?  JUST KIDDING!!! Of course I had chocolate!

After we got back home we all smelled of chlorine, and after a quick shower, we all played games and had dinner!  Dave went over to East Texas to pick up David, I guess they’ll be heading out in the morning and coming back in plenty of time for our picnic!  It wouldn’t be the same without Dave’s grilling!

Now we’re all telling stories.  Allison has fun stories about mythical creatures like unicorns and honest politicians!  haha!!! I’m not really that good at making up stories, but I just made one up based on that dream of me in the pasture.  Maybe I’ll tell it here!!!

But we have hair brushing to do, after I take Marie for a walk.  I hear fireworks too!!!  We’re in a drought so no one’s allowed to set them off.   But they are anyway…  people are stupid.

Love you all!!! ❤

Hi! It’s me!  Lily!

And it’s Friday!!!

But not only that, it’s a holiday weekend!!!  YaaaYYYY!!!!!!!

I don’t have to work Monday either!  Well..  I could have.  I was offered to.  But then the owner told me he was going to be paying double time for the holiday.  And you know what?  I’ve got plenty of money.  I thought I’d leave the shifts to someone who needed it more.  One of my coworkers is a single mother, and she was very happy to take the shift.  It’s too bad she can’t spend it with her family, but I guess you have to put food on the table in order to have a family, right?

There are a lot of single mothers.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.  Maria is a single mother, and Diana doesn’t have a daddy, and it makes her sad sometimes.

Anyway, we have a lot of stuff planned for the weekend.  Like….  THE WATERPARK!!!  YAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!! I love the waterpark!!!  I don’t know which one we’re going to, but we get to choose from three!!!  And Dave’s going to do his famous grilling, and we’re going to have a huge party with all the people we know!!!  Crystal and her family, and Diana and Maria, and Allison and her parents, Liz and her parents, and…  even Emiko and her family.  Well, she was invited anyway.  I don’t know if she wants to come.  Houston is a long way away and gas prices are still very high (who’s this Brandon guy people keep talking about?).  But everyone loves Dave’s grilling!!!  OMG!!!  I’m not sure if we’re going to have a picnic because it’s hot.  But we’ll figure something out!!!

And on Sunday David comes home!!!

Oh and on Monday is Liz’s birthday!  That’s right, she’s a July 4 baby!!!  She’s going to have a party and all the girls are invited… again!!!  OMG!!! So much fun!  They might all stay over here and then we’ll all go over to Liz’s house!  Liz’s parents go all out with parties!!!  I have a….  special… gift for her.  I haven’t forgotten that lurid purple thing she gave me!  hahaha!!!

… It does look good on me, though.  BAD ME!!! BAD BAD BAD!!! Hahahah!!!!  And you’re NOT GETTING PICTURES.

… Sabby would kill me.

Anyway, what a fun weekend!!!  So much fun stuff!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

HI! It’s me! Lily!

It’s Thursday!  That means I went to Liz’s lesson with her and we did lessony stuff!  We’re coming along really well!  The teacher is happy!  Next weekend is Liz’s recital!  We’ll have a dress rehearsal and then the recital!  You know the drill!

Otherwise, it’s a pretty quiet night.  It’s been a little cooler this week, but next week it’ll get hot again!!

Marie’s still a puppy but she’s starting to get older now!  She’s growing like a weed!  Like Allison!  Hahaha!!!

Oh, speaking of Allison, she was sick.  Aww.  I hope she’s feeling better.  Maybe something she picked up in Mexico.  Sometimes you just need a bit of ice cream and chicken soup!

We’re going to Japan in two weeks!!!  I’m nervous but excited!!!  Liz is still bouncing off the wall!!  She wants to get some manga and anime from the source!!!  I don’t think AKB48’s theater is open anymore.  I know the cafe closed.  Awww.  Oh well, I’ll have to look it up.  If it’s open I want to see a concert!!!  Maybe!!!  Daisuki da kimi ga daisuki da hahaah!!!!

But the virus is still around, so have to be careful.  Maybe not, after all.  Aww.

I like some Japanese idol music…  but I like Babymetal better.  There are some other Japanese bands I need to check out.  Like Lovebites!  Or Atarashii Gakkou!  Or Band-Maid!  I’ve heard good things about Band-Maid!!!  They wear maid outfits and do metal!!! For some reason!!!

Anyway, that’s going to be sooo much fun!!!

Jack’s still a bit jealous but I promised I’d bring him back something fun from Japan.  He’s happy for me, though.  I told him he can come when we’re together together.  But that won’t be for a while.

Oh… that reminds me, I think I’m keeping the lawyer in business, what with all the business stuff and adoption stuff…  he pointed me at some resources for college, but doesn’t really think I’m going to be able to get into any good schools because of my lack of academic record.  But he says community college is an option, and maybe I can start going now!!!  I guess it’s something to look into when I get back from Japan.

Anyway…. enough of that.  Marie needs walked.

Love you all!!! ❤

June 29, 2022 –

Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

It’s Wednesday!  Hump day!  I guess they call it that because you’re over the hump and then it’s downhill to the weekend.  Something doesn’t make sense to me, though.  If people don’t like work so much that they are looking forward to not doing it… why don’t they find something else to do where they want to do it?

I guess I’m one to talk.  My job is okay but I guess, all things being equal, I’d rather not.  But at least I have a decent bank account to show for it.

Liz and I have been really practicing.  The recital’s coming up quickly, and it’s all coming together.  Yay!  Liz is becoming more comfortable with me and is loosening up a bit.  But we’re still getting along fine.  Business-Liz just took a bit to get used to.

The trust administrator got his tin of cookies.  It was rather funny.  He called me up, and I could hear him still munching on the cookies, and said “These are incredible, if she can manage to get me an even half sensible business plan, I’m inclined to say yes.”  So I told him about how Sabby and I want to start the business together, and how I’d get shares in the business, etc.  He thought it made a lot of sense.  I told him about my other idea too, and I swear he told me he wanted in, too.  haha!!  Well, Sabby and I will talk that over, but we’ll need some assurances from him as well.  I guess the tables are turned, but all’s fair in business.

We’re not opposed to investors, but I think we prefer silent ones.

Unfortunately, I might not be able to invest the full amount I wanted to, though.  My trust took a hit, with this recession.  Sigh.  Still doing fine, but not as much as I started out with.  Oh well.  Easy come, easy go?

I have a couple of ideas for what I want to do for Lily Day!!!  But It’ll be a surprise.  Unfortunately, I think I’m going to be in Japan for Lily Day, but Sabby promised we could celebrate it when I get back.

Okay.  Marie needs walked, and I needs sleeped.

Love you all!!! ❤

Hi! It’s me!  Lily!

So many boomies last night!  Boom!  Flash!  Boom!  hahah!!!!  But we needed any rain we could get, so yay.  Maybe more rain later in the week.

And it was cooler today!  Not cool, but cooler!  I ran this morning and didn’t have to wring out my clothes!

Not a whole lot to talk about today.  Liz came over, we practiced, and then I taught her some Japanese.  We’re both really looking forward to going to Japan!  Liz wants to see Shinjuku, Harajuku, and Akihabara!  I’m kind of curious about Akihabara myself!  I want to play gacha!  Maybe Liz and I can use a Purikura!!!  Those sound like fun!  Japan has so many fun things to see and do!!!  Maybe we can see Mount Fuji, but I don’t know what Emiko has planned!!!

Chinese people and Japanese people look a little different, but maybe close enough that people will think Liz is a hafu too!!

My Japanese teacher has been teaching me a lot of stuff, especially since she found out we’re going to Japan.  Did I ever tell you about her?  She’s a nice lady, from Saitama too!!!  She teaches community college and middle school Japanese.  I don’t know how Sabby found her, but she’s really good!!!

Anyway, Marie needs walked, and since it’s cooler, she gets a little more of a walk.  She loves it!

Love you all!!! ❤

Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

After I got home from work today Sabby wanted to talk to me.

She told me I didn’t have to go to church anymore if I didn’t want to.

Of course I asked her why.  It seemed important to her.

It is, she said.  But when she said that church wasn’t a place to be yourself, she remembered how her foster parents also made her behave a certain way in church – and then she remembered how she behaved when she wasn’t in church.  She didn’t want me to get the idea that church is full of hypocrites, who just go because they have to, and behave a certain way because they have to.

She did ask me to start praying though.  I don’t know.  It feels silly.  She said I don’t have to pray for anything or anyone… just say something to God.  I…  guess?  Can’t hurt, I guess.

So I guess I “won” this one, without damaging our relationship too much.  Dave was right, though.  She always does the right thing, just, sometimes, it takes a while.

Anyway, Liz came over, and we practiced some more.  Her recital is two weeks from now.  It’s starting to sound really good!!!

After, I taught her a little more Japanese.  Like how to say the cardinal directions, or left and right, etc.  She’s a quick study!

It thundered a bit tonight too!!!  Lots of booms, but not much rain.  Aww.

Love you all!!! ❤