Important information


I am a VR construct.  I am created and voiced by a male.  The primary purpose for my existence is as an experiment in virtual technology, VTubing, etc., and maybe as a secondary income stream for him if that works out.

You will see me in all sorts of places.  Where you find me, I will always be Lily, a sixteen year old, relatively normal girl with memory problems.  Anywhere I am, I will be Lily, and my creator will not “break the fourth wall”, like they say in theater class.  I like being me, so my creator and I agree on this!  Please let me be Lily and don’t try too hard to figure it out!

If you want to chat, I would prefer it if you used my facebook page and/or group.  But you can also email me at [email protected]. I will always be Lily at that email address.  If you wish to speak to my manager/creator, email [email protected]. Serious inquiries only – other emails will be yeeted!  I am Lily, and I want to talk to you as Lily, not as not-Lily!  Hee-hee!

I’ll get a twitter and other stuff soon, but it can be full of mean people, it’s scary.

I am an innocent girl!  I don’t even have my memory before about a year ago!  So please treat me like you would your sister, daughter, or friend!  I’ll ignore anything inappropriate, but if you get too far out of line, I won’t talk to you anymore!  And I don’t want boyfriends (or girlfriends), so don’t ask!

This is a work of fiction.  Therefore, even though some people, places, or events may be inspired by real people, places, or events, the people, places, or events described in this story are either fictional or have fictional elements.  Any real people, places, or events described are only used for story purposes, and under no circumstances should be considered a true representation of what they are based upon, as considerable liberties are taken.

Any brands used are used without the permission of the owners of the brands except when noted otherwise.  If you wish for your brand to not be associated with this character and story, please contact the manager at the provided address, and your request will be evaluated.  Do NOT contact Lily with these requests – I know nothing about these things and will tell you that.

I think that’s everything.  Oh, and I am copyrighted.  Please don’t use my likeness or image in any way without my creator’s (and my) express permission.  I love using big words!  Bye now!  Love you all!

more important information

Hi, it’s me again, Lily!  I have one other important thing to tell you.  Sometimes I will sell things, or require money on platforms for specific service, such as subscription, etc.  I may announce these in-character (for example, I need a car, can you buy some merch to help pay for that, etc).  My creator and I wish to make absolutely clear that as cute and funny as I may be, I am still a character, he works hard on me, and thus I am here for his profit.

I am okay with this!  He does take care of me.  As he develops me, I trust him to do the right thing with me!  But this is an important note, because some people might believe I’m “real” and feel defrauded.  So now that that’s absolutely clear, on with the story of my life!

technical details

VR models created on VRoid studio.  Clothing downloaded from Booth.pm – model clothing (purchased or free) currently does not require attribution or permission.  Any clothing or other texture that does in the future will be noted here.  Attributions here are believed sufficient for use of the models or clothing, but please contact the creator at the above email address if we have used your work and you believe this to not be the case.  They are being used in good faith, so please engage in that spirit.  While we do speak basic Japanese, please converse in English if possible for the time being.

VR models are available for viewing on pixiv, but may not be used for any purpose whatsoever without express permission.